Overview of Government


The South Carolina Secretary of State issued a "Certificate of Incorporation" to the newly formed Town of Chapin on December 24, 1889. In 1975, the South Carolina Legislature enacted into law Act No. 283 which has become known as "The Home Rule Act." The act required municipalities to adopt by ordinance one of three prescribed forms of local government.

The Chapin Town Council adopted the Mayor-Council form of government by ordinance on September 14, 1976. The Mayor serves as Chief Executive Officer.

Privacy Statement

The Town of Chapin does not collect and maintain personal information, other than that specifically needed to fulfill the town's purposes. No personal information collected by The Town of Chapin is available to the public for commercial solicitation purposes. For questions about the privacy policy, please contact the Mayor at:

Town of Chapin, Mayor

P.O. Box 183

Chapin, SC 29036

Tax Millage

The Town of Chapin currently levies a 13.05-mills municipal tax. Town tax on most residences are the range of $50 to $70.

Town Holiday Schedule

For a list of the Town of Chapin's legal holidays - 2023 Holiday Schedule for Town Hall

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